VIDEO: Introduction to the DecisionTools Suite

Do you use @RISK but haven’t explored the other Palisade Tools? It’s time you branched out to explore the DecisionTools Suite, which, in addition to @RISK for Monte Carlo simulation,  includes PrecisionTree for decision trees, and TopRank for “what if” sensitivity analysis. In addition, the DecisionTools Suite comes with StatTools for statistical analysis and forecasting, NeuralTools for predictive neural networks, and Evolver and RISKOptimizer for optimization. All programs work together better than ever before, and all integrate completely with Microsoft Excel for ease of use and maximum flexibility.

To learn more, check out this introduction video to the Suite,  given by Palisade expert trainer Rishi Prabhakar:

The video will give viewers a good understanding of of each of these separate products and how they work together.




VIDEO: Using VBA for Excel and the XDK to Improve the @RISK Experience

This recorded webcast, led by Palisade expert trainer Rishi Prabhakar, explores the use of VBA (the programming language for Excel) to control @RISK functionality to simplify the process of risk analysis for resource-strapped businesses. Rishi  explains the advantages (and limitations) of macro control for modeling and running simulations.  Check out the full webcast below!


Interested in learning more about controlling @RISK with VBA?  Check out our written guide here.


About the trainer: Rishi brings a broad range of experience and expertise to the Palisade team. He has worked in and consulted to the energy industry, telecommunications, scientific research, banking and finance with an emphasis on operational risk and Basel II. Rishi has expert skills in the areas of statistical analysis, simulation, time series forecasting, risk/capital modeling, extreme value theory, survey design and analysis. He holds a BSc Mathematics from the University of Technology, Sydney.

Free Live Webcast on Futures Portfolios, THIS Thursday

This Thursday, October 16th, 2014 at 11:00 am EDT

 Vladimir Antikarov, Principal at Verea Group LLC. discusses how to use @RISK and The DecisionTools Suite in the Oil and Gas industry:

“Pricing and Managing the Liquidity Requirements of the Futures Portfolio for a Gas Distributor”

The presentation will describe a customizable application, using @RISK simulations, that allows a gas distributor to a priori assess the expected liquidity requirements for each contract and its cost, and to properly price it into the contract. The application allows a gas distributor to correctly assess and update the aggregated liquidity requirements of the whole futures portfolio and to plan accordingly. The application can be further used to analyze and optimize the hedging strategy of the gas distributor.

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Free Live Webcasts from Executives at Hitachi and SINOPEC

Next week, Palisade will be featuring webcasts in Japanese and Chinese from executives at two major companies: Hitachi, the Japanese multinational engineering and electronics conglomerate, and SINOPEC, the Chinese oil and gas company and the world’s fifth biggest company by revenue.

Mikiko Sawada, Risk Management Consultant at Hitachi Solutions East Japan, Ltd., will be giving a free live webcast on 9/25, see more details below in Japanese.

Also, on 9/26, Feng Jin, leading risk manager in SINOPEC and a presenter at the Palisade Shanghai Conference 2013, will be conducting a webcast for our Chinese audience.  See more below in Chinese.

2014年9月26日、10:00am JST

» 無償 Web キャストに登録する

澤田 美樹子
PMP, 高度情報処理技術者(ST, PM)

リスクアナリスト・リスク管理コンサルタントとして13年の経験を持ち、製造、プラント建設、造船、医薬、石油・ガス、電力、食品安全、プロジェクト管理、保険といった様々な業種・分野の顧客に対してリスク分析・意思決定のコンサルティングや教育を実施。 2003年には(独)国際協力機構の派遣するリスク分析の専門家としてマレーシアで活動。 英国ケント大学大学院 統計学科修士課程修了。

明天 – 2014年9月25日 9:00 CST

» 单击此处免费注册

由主办 : 金峰, 中石化(SINOPEC)项目风险负责人。





TODAY 11am EDT: Free Webcast on Schedule Risk Analysis

Tune in today at 11:00 am EDT to check out our free live webcast, “Schedule Risk Analysis for a Large Development Program”, led by James Aksel, PMP, PMI-SP. Click here to register and join in.

About the webcast: A new development missile program takes on the intrigue of invading aliens and intergalactic warfare. But the missile can’t save the world unless it is developed, built, and tested in accordance with a rigorous specification, on schedule, and within budget.

See how a Schedule Risk Analysis assisted the Program Management Office of this program in securing proper funding and risk reserves while promoting a reasonable time-frame for completion.

Instructor James Aksel, has a background in Department of Defense program development, and has led development teams for advanced avionics testing, interactive voice response, and program management software for utilization in advanced quantitative analysis. He has published several articles and is considered a definitive expert willing to help the profession and all practitioners.

Register now for the 11:00 am EDT webcast.


Free Webcast tomorrow: Business Forecasting and Simulation

Business Forecasting and Simulation using @RISK & The DecisionTools Suite, Part 1

Glen Justis, Experience on Demand
10 July 2014, 11am EDT
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Business Forecasting and Simulation using @RISK & The DecisionTools Suite is a three-part series covering leading practices in the use of Monte Carlo-based models and simulations to improve business decisions, forecasting, and risk management.

This first installment of the series will explore the basics of Monte Carlo analysis, with particular emphasis on why, in many cases, it is necessary to apply simulation-based methods to produce correct business analysis results. The relative roles of sensitivity analysis and scenario analysis will also be addressed. These concepts will be covered in manner that highlights how @RISK and other components of the Palisade DecisionTools Suite work with Microsoft Excel.

The 2nd webcast (August 14th) will cover leading practices in applying @RISK in enterprise risk management, including treatment of operational risks, use of risk registers, and applications for project risk management, including Microsoft Project-related features.

The 3rd webcast (September 18th) will feature a case study of an actual company in a selected industry (TBD), where business simulation and risk analysis using the power of @RISK is showcased in a commercial setting.

Presenter: P. Glen Justis

Glen Justis is a partner at Experience on Demand, a broad-based business consulting firm based in St. Louis, Missouri. Over his twenty-eight year career in consulting and industry, Glen has established an outstanding reputation for assisting clients with issues where strategy, economics, and risk management intersect. He has conducted and/or overseen over one hundred individual client projects, encompassing private, publicly-traded, governmental, not-for-profit, and cooperative entities.

Mr. Justis previously served as a Director in the Governance, Risk, and Regulatory Strategies practice of Deloitte & Touche LLP. His work at Deloitte focused on capital investment decisions, business intelligence, risk management strategy and analytics, and corporate development. Prior to joining Deloitte, he led multiple practice areas at R. W. Beck, Inc. connected with commodity markets and risk management where he successfully served utilities, energy companies, industrials, and financial institutions directly and through supervision of consulting teams.

He holds an MBA with honors and a Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Engineering, and has completed executive education programs through The Wharton School and the American Association of Collegiate Schools of Business Bridge Program. Mr. Justis is a member of the adjunct faculty at Webster University in St. Louis, delivering courses relating to strategy, finance, operations, and project management.