CIO Review’s “Metals & Mining” Special Edition Features @RISK Success Stories

Palisade software is a vital tool in countless industries, particularly in the mining sector. CIO Review's "Metals & Mining" Special Edition Features @RISK Success StoriesThe “Metals & Mining Technology Special” edition of CIO Review features an article by Palisade’s vice president, Randy Heffernan, detailing several success stories.

Heffernan describes how Met-Mex Peñoles and Anglo American used risk analysis software @RISK for applications like Six Sigma, sensitivity analysis, and real options. Mining companies  benefit from decision trees also, as in the Metaproject story, in which an analyst uses PrecisionTree to recommend the best method of saving the 33 Chilean miners trapped in a San José mine in 2010.

To read the full story, check out “Armed with the Right Tools, Mining and Metals Projects have Successful Outcomes” in CIO Review.

Free Live Webcast on Modeling for Natural Resources

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Kurt Rinehart, consultant, and Francisco J. Zagmutt, managing partner, both at EpiX Analytics, present a demonstration in which they discuss several case studies from their client work where  they had to strike a balance between model realism and structural simplicity when doing models for mining and oil and gas:

“Applied and Efficient Modeling in Natural Resources: Case Studies of Mining and Oil and Gas

Rinehart and Zagmutt write, “Good model design allows translating the essential needs of the decision-maker into an efficient and effective tool. The design of the model will determine the time required building it and running it, but also how data-intensive the model will be. Model design also has implications for risk management and decision making.”

Learn more about savvy model design during this informative webcast.

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