On-Demand Webinar: “Introduction to Risk and Decision Analysis using the DecisionTools Suite”

Project and Pipeline Valuation

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This webinar is designed to provide an entry-level introduction into probabilistic analysis and will show how Monte Carlo simulation and other techniques can be applied to your everyday business analyses. If you build models in Excel then Palisade solutions can almost certainly help you to make more informed decisions, right from your desktop.

The webinar will explore some of the ways in which organisations are applying Palisade tools. From oil and gas, insurance and finance through to healthcare, defence and construction, @RISK and the other tools in the DecisionTools Suite enhance the decision making capabilities of some of the world’s most successful companies.

For more than 30 years, Palisade software and solutions have been used to make better decisions. Cost estimation, NPV analysis, operational risk registers, portfolio analysis, insurance loss modeling, reserves estimation, schedule risk analysis, budgeting, sales forecasting, and demand forecasting are just some of the ways in which the tools are applied. The webinar will demonstrate how easy – and necessary – it is to implement quantitative risk analysis in any business.

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Rave Review for BigPicture from Mind Mapping Software Blog

BigPictureRave Review for BigPicture from Mind Mapping Software Blog has garnered an in-depth and enthusiastic review from the Mind Mapping Software Blog, a leading source for news, trends and resources related to visual mapping. Chuck Frey, widely regarded as one of the leading experts on visual mapping and visual thinking, explored the software’s numerous features and says, “You’ll be very impressed.”

Frey investigates BigPicture’s basic diagram-building capabilities, noting that it has “a unique capability that leverages the inherent strengths of Excel” and  that BigPicture enables “a fast way to build your diagram from scratch or to leverage existing data. Very cool! This is a capability that you won’t find in any dedicated mind mapping or diagramming program.”

Frey then delves into data mapping–‘where the real power is’–exploring the software’s ability to take reams of data and convert them into diagrams. “If your eyes glaze over when you look at a large number of columns and rows of data in Excel like I do, you’ll immediately appreciate this aspect of BigPicture,” Frey writes.

He is also impressed with BigPicture’s automated and elegant organizational chart functions: “This promises to be a big time-saver for human resources managers!” and its convenient slide-show mode: “quickly build presentations that have excellent continuity from one slide to the next.”

Frey concludes: “If you’re looking for an affordable, easy-to-use diagramming and mind mapping tool and you already use Excel, then you owe it to yourself to check out BigPicture. I think you’ll be very impressed with its excellent toolset and ease of use. This is backed up by a help file and videos that actually do an excellent job of explaining how to perform common tasks. That’s all too rare today!”

To read the full Mind Mapping Software Blog review, click here.

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Five-Star Review for BigPicture in Small Business Trends

BigPicture, Palisade’s new mind mapping and data exploration tool for Excel, has garnered a rave review from Small Business Trends, an Five-Star Review for BigPicture in Small Business Trendsaward-winning online publication for small business owners, entrepreneurs and the people who interact with them. The online magazine bills itself as “one of the most popular independent small business publications on the web.”

BigPicture, the latest software tool from Palisade, branches out from @RISK and the other DecisionTools Suite products by bringing mind mapping and other data visualization tools to its users’ fingertips.

Small Business Trends reporter Matt Mansfield had the chance to play with BigPicture, and he writes a review on the software’s myriad features, noting that “BigPicture is like peeling an onion – there are a lot of layers inside, each one adding depth and functionality to this new Excel add-on.”

Mansfield explores BigPicture’s mind mapping capability, both with and without Excel data, and is more than a little impressed:

Let me take a deep breath here so I can yell, “Squeeee!!!!”

Why am I so excited? Because BigPicture combines the power of Excel to manipulate numbers and play all sorts of “what if?” scenarios and reporting set-ups with automatically created, easy-to-understand images.

The review also covers BigPicture’s capabilities for sales reporting, dashboard-building, and org-chart generation. Mansfield’s reaction is nothing short of glowing:

With its deeply flexible features and functionality, as well as an ever growing set of documentation and videos, BigPicture is the one tool you don’t want to overlook in 2015.

In summary, Small Business Trends gave BigPicture a full five out of five stars for all three of their metrics: usefulness, functionality, and price.  We couldn’t agree more with them!

Palisade Unveils BigPicture, Brand-New Software Product

BigPicture - Mind Mapping and Data Exploration for Excel
Mind mapping, diagramming, data maps, and org charts – right in Excel

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Palisade is pleased to introduce BigPicture, the diagramming and data mapping software add-in for Microsoft Excel. With BigPicture, you can create mind maps to organize thoughts and ideas, or create dynamic data maps from any type of spreadsheet data. You can even create automatic organizational charts from your personnel data. BigPicture is now available for download in beta!

For 30 years, Palisade software tools have been helping decision-makers gain powerful insights in their spreadsheets; now, BigPicture adds a new, visual diagramming platform to your decision-making toolbox.


BigPicture  lets you:

  • Brainstorm complex problems using mind mapping techniques
  • Present and explore data sets with eye-catching topical maps
  • Work in Excel and easily share maps with others
  • Clarify decision processes
  • Automatically generate organizational charts from source personnel data
  • Link any map to underlying data sets for live updating

While the applications are limitless, BigPicture will be particularly useful for tasks such as strategic planning, org chart creation, and data mapping, giving professionals an easy-to-use tool to better plan out decisions and display dense data with the click of a button.

BigPicture Data Map

A data map built with BigPicture, illustrating the connections between complex data points with clear, detailed visuals.

BigPicture Strategic Planning

A BigPicture strategic map, with nodes expanded to show the different factors and possibilities of certain choices.

BigPicture Org Chart

A BigPicture flexible org chart, illustrating the structure of the organization along with detailed info on all the employees.

Download the BigPicture Beta Now!

The BigPicture Beta is available now for download, free of charge. Download it today, and begin exloring.