NASA and Lockheed Martin use @RISK for Planning First Manned Mission to Mars

Ready to book your ticket to the Red Planet?  You’re in luck. Soon, visiting Mars will no longer be the stuff of science fiction—thanks to engineers and analysts at NASA and Lockheed Martin.   “We are building the first stepping stones to Mars,” says Michael Watson, a senior member of the Lockheed Martin Space Systems […]

Helicopter Manufacturer AgustaWestland Uses @RISK to Inform Major Company Decisions

New helicopters require large investments in order to design, develop, test, certify and bring the product to market—a process that can last three to five years. The venture also carries considerable financial risk. Thus, Anglo-Italian helicopter manufacturer AgustaWestland relies on @RISK to determine the financial feasibility of developing any new product. AgustaWestland first builds a […]