Turbines Get a Second Wind: Scenario Analysis Proves New Design Reduces Carbon Emissions

Renewable technologies are on the rise as the world shifts to a low carbon economy and attempts to reduce dependence on fossil fuels. For the United Kingdom, wind power may become a cornerstone of their energy mix, with the UK possessing the largest offshore wind capability in Europe, overtaking Denmark in 2009 to become the […]

Manure into Money: Risk Analysis Solutions Pay Off

The energy market has shifted, ushering in an era where so-called wastes are being re-examined, and the desire for energy security and clean/green energy sources is rising. Rudd Asset Management (RAM), an energy consulting company specializing in cost-effective solutions and project risk management strategies, recently helped a large horse racing and competition complex that wanted […]

Accenture, Others Note Need for Better Risk Analysis in Capital Projects in Mining and Metals Sector

Accenture recently released research illustrating that mining and metals companies could "significantly reduce the costs of large capital projects" by improving their risk analysis and management methods. With billions at stake, and delays and budget overruns the norm, the need for better systematic accounting for risk has never been greater. Accenture’s research was based on […]

With Earthquake Aftershocks, the Risk is Great – But May Be Easier to Predict

Today a moderately powerful earthquake rattled Washington, D.C. and was felt as far north as Massachusetts. Sitting here, feeling the earthquake shake my desk and water glass in central New York State, hundreds of miles from the epicenter, I was reminded that we are never far from the risk of natural disaster. The Washington Post’s […]

@RISK Featured in Reinsurance Application in the Journal Insurance Markets and Companies

A recent issue of the journal Insurance Markets and Companies: Analyses and Actuarial Computations featured the paper “Using Simulation to Support the Reinsurance Decision of a Medical Stop-Loss Provider.” The article, by Lina S. Chan of CP Risk Solutions and Dr. Domingo Joaquin of Illinois State University, uses @RISK to illustrate how Monte Carlo simulation […]