How to Create a Custom Application for Stock Portfolio Optimization, Right in Your Spreadsheet

This is an example of the use of @RISK automation applied to stock portfolio optimization. It is a custom application written by Palisade Custom Development using @RISK’s XDK in Excel.  The steps outlined in the Stock Portfolio Optimization example movie: Obtain Price & Weight Data The user will first define a portolfio of stocks.    […]

Estimating Costs using Guidelines in the U.S. Air Force’s “Cost Risk and Uncertainty Analysis Handbook”

In its 2007 Cost Risk and Uncertainty Analysis Handbook, the U.S. Air Force describes in great detail its methodology for estimating the total cost of a given system. This methodology is applied to a potential (but fictitious) missile system. Here, we have a series of 3 example models which use @RISK to build increasingly sophisticated […]

Risk UK newsletter features Halcrow’s use of @RISK for flood mitigation

The top story of this week's Risk UK newsletter is Halcrow's use of Palisade @RISK risk analysis software, for flood mitigation. Severe flooding due to heavy rainfall in the UK continues to be a real threat. Halcrow looks at mitigating the consequences by determining the risk faced by critical assets such as water treatment works […]

“Decision Trees and the Value of Flexibility” in Oil & Gas Monitor

Rafael Hartke starts a series on the topic of "Decision Trees and the Value of Flexibility" in his most recent article in Oil & Gas Monitor. Decision trees "provide a simple and straight-forward platform for representing long-term strategies, including the options available right now, the uncertainties that will be revealed along the way and options […]

Determining the Level of Flood Resilience Required for UK Water Assets, using Risk Analysis

As the UK continues to suffer from unseasonal weather patterns, serious flooding is a very real possibility. This can have a severe impact on water assets and services. Halcrow, a CH2M HILL company, has developed a programme to mitigate the consequences of severe flooding in the UK. It determines the risk faced by critical assets […]

Palisade Global Risk Conferences Advance Best Practices in Risk Management

Join us next week in London and Frankfurt. In the last few months, nearly 1,000 professionals from around the world have gathered to push the boundaries of risk analysis through the Palisade Risk Conference series. Since March, Palisade Risk Conferences have been held in Santiago, Chile; São Paulo, Brazil; Johannesburg, South Africa; Tokyo, Japan; and […]

April 2013 Academic Enews: Research at Curtin University of Technology Explores Tools for Teaching Probability and Risk

Palisade April 2013 Academic Enews In This Issue » Research at Curtin University of Technology Explores Tools for    Teaching Probability and Risk "The seamless integration of Palisade products into the Excel  development environment is a huge advantage… This in turn  reduces training and system development costs, because risk  departments are not investing in expensive/extensive […]

@RISK and DecisionTools Suite 6 Now Available in Seven Languages

The current version of @RISK and the DecisionTools Suite, version 6.1, has now been fully translated into Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Japanese, and Chinese. The user interface, example models, video tutorials, and complete help files and user manuals have all been carefully translated. Users can specify the language at install, and even change languages later […]

“Application and Benefits of Risk Analysis for Decision Making in the Oil Industry” in Oil & Gas Monitor

Rafael Hartke's column in the April issue of Oil & Gas Monitor covers "Application and Benefits of Risk Analysis for Decision Making in the Oil Industry." "Contrary to what may seem obvious on the surface, the driving force behind risk analysis is not statistics, simulation or intricate mathematical models – it is actually much simpler […]

Stability of the Ohio River Locks and Dam Determined Utilizing @RISK

The Greenup Locks and Dam system is critical to a number of companies in the coal, petroleum, iron and steel companies that transport their materials along the Ohio River. In basic terms, a locks and dam system traps and contains water in a mechanism that transports large vessels past an area where the river is […]