Free Webcast this Thursday: “Using @RISK in Evaluating Full (late stage) Compound Development in the Pharmaceutical Industry”

Register now for a free webcast to be presented by Venkat Raman, A.C.A. MBA, Managing Principal of VR Advisors LLC. "Using @RISK in Evaluating Full (late stage) Compound Development in the Pharmaceutical Industry" will discuss the financial evaluation of late stage development of compound in the pharmaceutical industry, but the rational, methodology and analysis discussed […]

Start the New Year Right with Palisade Risk & Decision Analysis Software Training

Kick off the New Year with some fresh ideas presented to you by the Palisade Training Team. Our hands-on software training courses will take place in cities all around the globe. Join us for a training near you, to learn how to incorporate @RISK and the DecisionTools Suite into your models and help you make […]

Safe Food: Reducing Risk from Farm to Table

Lowering risk in food is a complex challenge, and is an area that government authorities and the food industry are ever-vigilant to address. Given negative impact food-borne illness can have on the population—such as sickness and, in some cases, death—minimizing risk at every turn is critical. The biggest challenge is examining  the risk that exists […]

2013 Palisade Training Opportunities: Make Better Decisions with @RISK and the DecisionTools Suite

Now that the new version 6.2 is available, it is a great time to join us for one of our last few trainings scheduled on our calendar for 2013! Or maybe a live web training may be a better fit for you? Either way, you will learn how to incorporate @RISK and the DecisionTools Suite […]

Free Webcast this Thursday: “Energy Risk Modeling as a Teaching Tool, and Overview of the Book” with Roy Nersesian

Register now for a free webinar to be presented by risk modeling expert Roy Nersesian. "Energy Risk Modeling as a Teaching Tool, and Overview of the Book" Free webcast this Thursday, 19 September 2013 11am EDT Energy Risk Modeling is a new book from Roy Nersesian for those looking for simulation, decision trees, and optimization […]

Palisade Publishes New Book: Energy Risk Modeling, by Professor Roy Nersesian

One of Palisade’s most vocal supporters in the higher education sector is Professor Roy Nersesian, who teaches energy courses at Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs. Roy not only utilizes Palisade solutions in the classroom, but he has written a series of books published by Palisade on risk modeling. His latest offering, Energy […]

“Decision Trees and the Value of Flexibility II” in Oil & Gas Monitor: Taking another look at “Bad” projects

Rafael Hartke continues his series with "Decision Trees and the Value of Flexibility II" in Oil & Gas Monitor. Hartke writes, "It’s a no-brainer that a good project with many chances to achieve success is better than one with only one chance. "But what about a bad project? Intuition immediately tells us that repeating a […]

As Hydropower Moves to Small Dams, Big Dams use Risk Analysis Solutions to Meet Energy Conservation Goals

When alternative energy sources are discussed, hydroelectricity typically isn’t mentioned before solar, wind, or biofuel. Hydroelectricity, which generates power through dams and river currents, is a power source more associated with the first half of the 20th century. That said, there are still areas that rely heavily on hydroelectricity, such as British Columbia, Canada. BC […]

Free Webcast this Thursday: “Modeling Multi-Staged Investments with @RISK” with Eric Torkia

Register now for a free webinar to be presented by Eric Torkia. Don't miss this opportunity for inside tips from a successful consultant who uses Palisade risk and decision analysis software solutions to address current problems in financial risk analysis. "Modeling Multi-Staged Investments with @RISK" Free webcast this Thursday, 25 July 2013 11am EDT When […]

Research at Curtain University of Technology Explores Tools for Teaching Probability and Risk

Textbooks that touch upon technology-related subject matter face the challenge of topics becoming outdated by the time the books go to press. Darren O’Connell found this type of content stagnation to be readily evident in how risk analysis is taught in institutes of higher learning. In fact, he found risk analysis lessons were not only […]