Super Bowl XLVIII Prop Bets and Monte Carlo Simulation

There are a number of applications for risk analysis software and Monte Carlo Simulation, and most offer insight into solving pretty serious situations like public health, workplace safety, budgets, etc. From time-to-time, we find utilizations are less “mission critical” and more “cool.” Such is the case with Dr. Wayne Winston’s use of Palisade’s @RISK. Winston […]

Managing Risks in New Green Building Technologies

Green construction is on the rise, and for good reason. The move to conserve energy and shrink carbon footprints continues to permeate both consumer and commercial behavior. Because buildings represent a significant portion of global energy and water usage, making new construction more environmentally-friendly is a strategic area to address. However, as the expansion of […]

@RISK for Cost and Schedule Risk using Risk Registers (with example model)

@RISK can be used in conjunction with MS Project and Excel to model the schedule and cost risks inherent in large, complex projects. This example demonstrates the use of @RISK to build a complete model of the construction of a new commercial venue. The model includes uncertainty in task times, a Risk Register for calculating […]

Palisade’s Tech Support Team

Palisade’s Tech Support Team addresses common questions in this blog. For support, current customers can write to Other online resources for Technical Support, include: Searchable KnowledgeBase User Forums Technical Support Videos Videos (including Technical Support, Experts’ Corner,    Example Models and User Manuals) Product Manuals In this blog, you’ll find […]

Tip: Monitoring License Use in Concurrent Networks

Q. I administer my company's concurrent network license. How can I tell who has a license checked out? A. On the server, run LMTools and click the Config Services tab. Select the Palisade service and click the View Log button.  After the startup messages, you'll see a series of lines starting OUT or IN. Each […]