Six Sigma, Monte Carlo Simulation, and Kaizen for Outsourcing

I recently tripped over a very good and interesting article written by Marcia Gulesian, titled Six Sigma, Monte Carlo Simulation and Kaizen for Outsourcing. Despite its seemingly complex title, the article touches on the basics of Six Sigma and decision analysis where Six Sigma basic quantitative calculations are discussed – such as process capability calculations (Cp, Cpk) […]

Have confidence in your analysis!

Confidence intervals are the most valuable statistical tools available to decision makers, and according a recent Six Sigma IQ article written by Dr. Andrew Sleeper of Successful Statistics, they are not being used as frequently as they should. Sleeper’s article  Have Confidence in Your Statistical Analysis!: Learning How to Use Confidence Intervals does an excellent […]

Bausch & Lomb’s Global Director of DFSS Gets Our Focus

As part of Palisade’s membership in the ISSSP, we get to participate in what are called Focused Sessions. For these webcast-like sessions, we are sponsors and exert no editorial control over their content . . . but we decide who the speaker is. So we’ve decided to put the attendees in good hands! Jeff Slutsky, […]

Consulting With Impact, Webcast with StatTools

Ed Biernat’s Consulting With Impact recently used Palisade’s StatTools in a two-week training session for Six Sigma Green Belt candidates as part of their certification.  Ed said the response from the candidates was very positive, so he decided the software tool would be a good addition to all his Green Belt training. Also, he thought […]

Accelerating Product Design with Simulation and Stochastic Optimization

Andy Sleeper, President of Successful Statistics LLC, will present a case study at the 2009 Palisade Conference: Risk Analysis, Applications, & Training. The conference is set to take place on 21 – 22 October at the Hyatt Regency in Jersey City, 10 minutes by PATH from Manhattan’s Financial District. See the abstract for Mr. Sleeper’s […]

Six Sigma and Call Center Etiquette

A recent article on isixsigma content zone called Delight Customers: Reduce Defects in Service Delivery by Shivprasad Kandiraju deals with Six Sigma practitioners looking at how customer surveys revealed crummy customer service at a call center in India, and how they approached fixing it. The practitioners collected and analyzed benchmarking data from various companies, and […]

Modeling in Process Development – Deterministic or Stochastic?

Deterministic" and "stochastic" sound like fancy, academic words, but they are vital for everyone in business to understand. Deterministic refers to single numbers, while stochastic refers to probabilities. When modeling a system, a deterministic model uses numerical input values and calculates numerical output values. But a stochastic model uses a probability distribution for each input […]

The Innovation Imperative in Manufacturing

In a recent report The Innovation Imperative in Manufacturing – How the United States Can restore its edge, produced jointly by The Boston Consulting Group, the National Association of Manufacturers and the Manufacturing Institute, The United States ranked #8 out of 110 countries in innovation leadership.      The Top Ten List (overall) Singapore South Korea Switzerland […]