Hitting Missile Milestones with @RISK

Meeting schedule milestones in a timely manner is paramount in any industry, but particularly important in those working with the Department of Defense, where deliverables can be a matter of national safety, and where program delays can become very expensive. A major aerospace company was contracted by the Navy to build defensive missiles, and was […]

@RISK Crucial in Live Donor Kidney Transplant Study

A new study out of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center reveals important new information for those donating, and receiving, kidneys. Living donor kidney transplantation is the preferred treatment for advanced renal failure. Roughly 20-25% of living donors can have asymmetry between their kidneys’ size and efficiency in filtration abilities. With a 10% or […]

Professor Hooked on @RISK Brings its Benefits to Cal State Monterey Bay

Dr. Sumadhur Shakya, Assistant Professor of Operations Management & Agribusiness at California State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB), has used @RISK in his own academic research and as a teaching tool in his classes, Operations Management and Supply Chain Management. Indeed, thanks to his championing of the software, 360 students at CSUMB will use @RISK, annually, […]

@RISK Helps Monitor Air Pollution in Kuwait

Like most countries across the globe, Kuwait faces air pollution issues. To combat these problems, the Kuwait Environment Public Authority (KEPA) works hard to identify and categorize sources that cause, or contribute significantly to air pollution. KEPA created the Kuwait Implementation Plan (KIP) and divided the country into Air Quality Control Zones based on monitored […]

Students Use Palisade Tool to Analyze Amazon and FedEx’s Financial Risk

Industry leaders Amazon and FedEx may want to take a look at Virginia Commonwealth University students’ projects–their reports  reveal key driving risks that affect the companies’ bottom lines. Dr. Etti Baranoff, an Associate Professor of Insurance and Finance at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond uses @RISK in her business school class, ‘Managing Financial Risk’. In […]

Novelis Uses @RISK, PrecisionTree for High Risk R&D Project Valuation

Novelis, the world’s largest aluminum rolling and recycling company, had a clear dilemma: The company had little structure in their process in evaluating the risks associated with projects. According to Dave MacAdam, Senior Manager of Innovation Strategy at Novelis: “The process was perfunctory and overly reliant on input from the commercial side. While commercial input […]

Corralling Costs Down Under

Using Monte Carlo simulation in project planning has proven to save time and money, yet many organizations still rely on less effective methods to mitigate risk. Dr. Stephen Grey and his colleagues at Broadleaf Capital International in Cammeray, Australia, have spent decades helping steer clients towards sound methods of planning projects, from deciding where to […]

VIDEO: Introduction to the DecisionTools Suite

Do you use @RISK but haven’t explored the other Palisade Tools? It’s time you branched out to explore the DecisionTools Suite, which, in addition to @RISK for Monte Carlo simulation,  includes PrecisionTree for decision trees, and TopRank for “what if” sensitivity analysis. In addition, the DecisionTools Suite comes with StatTools for statistical analysis and forecasting, […]

Building Renewable Energy Systems across Multiple Countries and Currencies: WEnergy Global uses @RISK for ROI

The globalization of business continues to expand, as many organizations find greater profit in offering services to customers that extend beyond the borders of the home office. However, with such expansion comes new risks to consider, based on any number of variables that may not synch up from country-to-country: political climate, variance in laws/regulations and, […]

VIDEO: Cost Estimation and Risk Registers using @RISK

Palisade expert trainer Rafael Hartke discusses how to use @RISK  for cost estimation–more specifically,  how to transform your deterministic models into probabilistic ones.  This recorded webcast shows you how to add uncertainty as well as a risk register to your model.     About the trainer: Rafael Hartke is an Oil and Energy Industry Consultant at […]