OnDemand Webinar: See What’s New in @RISK and DecisionTools Suite 7.5


Get a tour of the useful new features in @RISK and DecisionTools Suite version 7.5! Watch the “What’s New in @RISK and DecisionTools Suite 7.5” webinar at your convenience.

» Watch the Free Webinar Now

This webinar covers key features that are new to 7.5:

  • 22 new functions – 16 distribution functions and 6 new statistical functions.  All of which are important for insightful estimation of uncertainty and provide useful statistics on simulation results data.  Ranging from insurance risk to reliability engineering to modeling of household income, @RISK 7.5 has your risk analysis needs covered!
  • Improved tornado graphs – Tornado Overlays, Contribution to Variance and Input Shading to improve analysis and make sharing results much easier.
  • Faster optimization with RISKOptimizer – With speeds up to 4x faster, your time can be better spent on interpreting your results instead of waiting for your optimization to complete.
  • And more!

» Watch the Free Webinar Now

» Read What’s New in 7.5

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