Month: May 2016

New Dairy Research Facility incorporates the work of expert @RISK user Dr. Jeffrey Bewley

The Kentucky Farm Bureau blog featured the work of expert @RISK user Dr. Jeffrey Bewley, who is a University of Kentucky dairy specialist and associate extension professor.

The story describes the new University of Kentucky dairy research facility that was built with cow comfort in mind, while being familiar enough to dairy producers so that the research is valuable for everyday operations. The facility uses technology to aid in Precision Dairy Farming, which Dr. Bewley explained to us at a previous Palisade Risk Conference (see slidedeck).

Dr. Bewley has been a longtime user of @RISK for risk models using Monte Carlo simulation. His work in Precision Dairy Farming aims to increase productivity for farms while making a comfortable environment for the cows. “We’re basically trying to improve the life of the animal and hopefully with this type of technology we can detect when cows are sick sooner so that we can intervene and have more chances at success,” Dr. Bewley explains in the story. “Our goal is to make a very, very comfortable environment for the cows.”

» View Dr. Bewley’s @RISK webinar about Precision Dairy Farming

Free Minicourse in Renewable Energy Modeling using @RISK, with example models

How do we insure a reliable energy supply when using renewable energy sources?

Renewable Energy Modeling

Solar power is inherently unreliable, fluctuating with time of day and degree of cloudiness. Wind power is a victim of air flow patterns. To prevent blackouts, renewable energy sources need to be backed up with conventional power sources. In effect, they require virtually 100% backup with fossil, nuclear, hydro sources of power. Think of the repercussions of a solar eclipse and calm winds on renewable energy output, which occurred in Europe in 2015.

In this free on-demand minicourse, Professor Roy Nersesian models the complexities of this problem – and demonstrates solutions – using @RISK for Excel.

Integrating Renewables with Electricity Storage, using @RISK

Materials include:

  • 1-hour webinar delivered by Roy Nersesian
  • Energy example models
  • 50-page whitepaper
  • Presentation slidedeck

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» Case study: @RISK Helps Integrate Renewable Energy Sources