Palisade will be at the Biggerplate mind mapping conference in NYC this week

BigPicture at Biggerplate is THE community for mind mappers, and the home of mind mapping content and learning resources regarding mind maps. Biggerplate hosts a range of meetings, workshops and the annual Biggerplate Unplugged Conference which is tomorrow at Civic Hall in New York City. This is the only conference in the world dedicated entirely to mind mapping! Tomorrow’s speakers include authors, tech leaders, professors, medical professionals and more. The primary focus for this year’s conference is how mind mapping software, such as BigPicture, is the missing link and the must have tool for knowledge workers in business and education.

Even though mind mapping is only ONE of the MANY features that Palisade’s BigPicture provides, it is one that can be an incredible addition to what you may already be doing with Palisade’s other DecisionTools Suite products in Excel. Mind mapping in BigPicture can help streamline your processes and improve efficiency in your daily projects.

We’ll report back on the latest insights into mind mapping and data mapping, and how you can use these techniques in BigPicture!

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