Review our Software on Capterra

Review our Software on CapterraPalisade software users–have our tech tools been valuable to you and your work?  If so, we’d love you to take a few moments to review our products on Capterra.

Capterra provides software directories, blogs, infographics and ebooks to help customers find the exact type of software tool they’re looking for.  This tech  concierge service has been used by major industry leaders–such as Warner Brothers, Coca-Cola, Walmart, Whole Foods, and The Home Depot–to find the right tech solutions.

Palisade software is listed on Capterra, and we’d like to help people find it.  If you can, please take a moment to review our software tools on Capterra and help spread the word:

Visit the Capterra @RISK page
Visit the Capterra DecisionTools Suite page
Visit the Capterra BigPicture page


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