Five-Star Review for BigPicture in Small Business Trends

BigPicture, Palisade’s new mind mapping and data exploration tool for Excel, has garnered a rave review from Small Business Trends, an Five-Star Review for BigPicture in Small Business Trendsaward-winning online publication for small business owners, entrepreneurs and the people who interact with them. The online magazine bills itself as “one of the most popular independent small business publications on the web.”

BigPicture, the latest software tool from Palisade, branches out from @RISK and the other DecisionTools Suite products by bringing mind mapping and other data visualization tools to its users’ fingertips.

Small Business Trends reporter Matt Mansfield had the chance to play with BigPicture, and he writes a review on the software’s myriad features, noting that “BigPicture is like peeling an onion – there are a lot of layers inside, each one adding depth and functionality to this new Excel add-on.”

Mansfield explores BigPicture’s mind mapping capability, both with and without Excel data, and is more than a little impressed:

Let me take a deep breath here so I can yell, “Squeeee!!!!”

Why am I so excited? Because BigPicture combines the power of Excel to manipulate numbers and play all sorts of “what if?” scenarios and reporting set-ups with automatically created, easy-to-understand images.

The review also covers BigPicture’s capabilities for sales reporting, dashboard-building, and org-chart generation. Mansfield’s reaction is nothing short of glowing:

With its deeply flexible features and functionality, as well as an ever growing set of documentation and videos, BigPicture is the one tool you don’t want to overlook in 2015.

In summary, Small Business Trends gave BigPicture a full five out of five stars for all three of their metrics: usefulness, functionality, and price.  We couldn’t agree more with them!

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