Day: December 9, 2014

Free Live Webcast on Modeling for Natural Resources

Tune in December 11, 2014  at 11:00 AM EST

Kurt Rinehart, consultant, and Francisco J. Zagmutt, managing partner, both at EpiX Analytics, present a demonstration in which they discuss several case studies from their client work where  they had to strike a balance between model realism and structural simplicity when doing models for mining and oil and gas:

“Applied and Efficient Modeling in Natural Resources: Case Studies of Mining and Oil and Gas

Rinehart and Zagmutt write, “Good model design allows translating the essential needs of the decision-maker into an efficient and effective tool. The design of the model will determine the time required building it and running it, but also how data-intensive the model will be. Model design also has implications for risk management and decision making.”

Learn more about savvy model design during this informative webcast.

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