Palisade’s Impact on Helicopter Company Featured in Widespread Press

BloombergBusinessweek-Logo-940x350Palisade continues to garner broad media attention, this time due to the use of our software by a major helicopter manufacturer looking to better analyze risk when introducing new products. AgustaWestland, the European helicopter manufacturer, turned to @RISK to determine the financial feasibility of developing any new product, as detailed in our recent case study and blog. Since then, other publications have picked up the story, including Global Banking & Finance Review, a leading portal for financial news and opinions, Helihub, a data source for the helicopter industry,  Bloomberg Business Week, IT News Online, and Gadget Rumours. The story features a Palisade case study on the helicopter manufacturer’s efforts to conduct  risk analysis using  Monte Carlo simulation to determine the accuracy of their forecasts, and in turn improve business, both in true feasibility and in financial results.

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