Palisade’s Impact on Helicopter Company Featured in Widespread Press

Palisade continues to garner broad media attention, this time due to the use of our software by a major helicopter manufacturer looking to better analyze risk when introducing new products. AgustaWestland, the European helicopter manufacturer, turned to @RISK to determine the financial feasibility of developing any new product, as detailed in our recent case study and blog. […]

Helicopter Manufacturer AgustaWestland Uses @RISK to Inform Major Company Decisions

New helicopters require large investments in order to design, develop, test, certify and bring the product to market—a process that can last three to five years. The venture also carries considerable financial risk. Thus, Anglo-Italian helicopter manufacturer AgustaWestland relies on @RISK to determine the financial feasibility of developing any new product. AgustaWestland first builds a […]

@RISK Gets International Press for Helpful Hedge Fund Risk Analysis Model

At Palisade, we're proud of our global reputation, and a recent international publication just confirmed our software's worldwide appeal. Analytics India Magazine (AIM), an Indian business publication, featured "@RISK Optimizes Risk In Hedge Funds"  which describes details from Palisades previous case study on optimizing hedge fund portfolios. The article quotes Seth Berlin, Principal Strategist at Performance Thinking & […]

Troubling Levels of Arsenic in Rice Spurs FDA to Conduct Risk Assessment

Should you think twice before ordering that fried rice? A recent analysis of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) data says that you might want to. A recent article in Oryza detailed how a private non-profit organization looked at data from more than 1,300 samples of white rice from the FDA, and found that the grain […]

Risk Management Monitor Features Palisade’s World Cup Prediction Model

Palisade's detailed simulation of the 2014 World Cup garnered attention from the Wall Street Journal, and is now featured in the Risk Management Monitor. In the article, Palisade Vice President Randy Heffernan describes the model developed by Palisade trainer and consultant Fernando Hernández as follows: "By running 50,000 iterations in a Monte Carlo simulation and […]

Palisade Gives Wall Street Journal an Open Shot on World Cup 2014 Predictions

The Wall Street Journal has featured Palisade's World Cup 2014 simulation model in their article, "The Journal's Prediction". Reporter Matthew Futterman consulted Palisade's Fernando Hernández on his "brilliantly logical prediction model" that picks who would win–with home-field advantage, and without. As Futterman put it, "Some 50,000 iterations later, the team with the highest probability to […]

How to win the World Cup Office Pool: Use DecisionTools Suite to Choose the Champions

As the World Cup in Brazil approaches this summer, worldwide anticipation has reached a fever pitch. In South America, and Brazil in particular, office pools and group bets are popping up, with soccer fans hoping to pick the winning team. At Palisade, we don’t believe in taking wild guesses—which is why Fernando Hernández, consultant and […]