Top 10 Global Risks in 2014: Economy and Environment Problems Loom Large

While every company and industry considers risks they will likely face in 2014, Palisade also keeps an eye on global risks. The 2014 Global Risks Report, published by the World Economic Forum, provides timely insight to concerns all firms should be considering.

Taking a 10-year outlook, the report assesses 31 global risks that have the potential to cause significant negative impact across entire countries and industries if they take place. The report groups the risks under five categories – economic, environmental, geopolitical, societal and technological – and measured in terms of their likelihood and potential impact. The ten global risks of highest concern in 2014 were ranked and outlined (see table below). The top risks will sound familiar to most of us–number one on that list is fiscal crises in key economies, followed by structurally high unemployment or underemployment, and then several grave environmental concerns. 

The risks we face as a global community are serious. Palisade and our suite of risk analysis solutions are here to help plan, assess and mitigate as best we can.

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