U.S. Nuclear Power Plants in Need of Risk Analysis

After 2011 the earthquake and resulting tsunami  that caused a triple meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi reactors in Japan, other nations have been anxious to assess the risk of nuclear plants on their soil. In the U.S., the Nuclear Regulatory Commission announced the need for a risk re-evaluation of several nuclear power plant sites in […]

Helicopter Rescue Missions Need Better Risk Analysis, Says Australian Goverment

Risk management is advisable in any industry, but it is absolutely crucial in sectors where human lives are on the line—such as helicopter rescues. Helicopter emergency operations are inherently dangerous, but are often the only option in remote or hard-to-access environments. Operations can involve  ‘winch rescues’, in which a paramedic travels with the patient, wrapping […]

@RISK, RISKOptimizer Help Clients Hedge Their Bets for Maximum Profit

Maximum profit, minimal risk; this is the goal for any investment, and particularly true for hedge funds—investment vehicles named for the fact that investors ‘hedge,’ or attempt to protect their funds against volatile swings in the markets. Seth Berlin, Principal Strategist at the financial consulting firm Performance Thinking & Technologies, was on the quest to […]

KSU Researchers have Beef with Cattle Industry Biosecurity

When it comes to cattle, biosecurity could use some beefing up. Beef producers commonly import new animals into their herds, but don’t take measures to decrease risk of disease introduction. Reproductive disease is an important cause of lost production and economic return to beef cow-calf producers, causing estimated losses of $400 to $500 million dollars […]

Hybrid Rice: Boon or Bust? @RISK Helps Settle The Debate

When you dig into pork fried rice or a Chipotle burrito, you’re probably not thinking about what variety of rice your chowing down on. There’s a good chance that rice is a hybrid—a strain that’s been carefully bred by scientists to give higher crop yields. And, if it was grown in the U.S., it was […]

Top 10 Global Risks in 2014: Economy and Environment Problems Loom Large

While every company and industry considers risks they will likely face in 2014, Palisade also keeps an eye on global risks. The 2014 Global Risks Report, published by the World Economic Forum, provides timely insight to concerns all firms should be considering. Taking a 10-year outlook, the report assesses 31 global risks that have the […]

RoseCap Uses @RISK to Analyze Risk Levels of Real Estate and Other Opportunities

Want to be wealthy? Direct investments are a great way to go–but make sure you know what you're getting into. As detailed in our recent case study, Matthew Rosenberg, Managing Partner of RoseCap Investment Advisors discusses how these direct investments  i.e., the purchase of a controlling interest in an investment, such as a business or […]

“Ensuring Food Safety with Monte Carlo Simulation” in Risk Management Monitor

In light of last month's events at the Food Safety Summit in Maryland, it seems appropriate to highlight a recent article "Ensuring Food Safety with Monte Carlo Simulation" featured in the Risk Management Monitor. The article shines light on the fact that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has launched an interactive web-based tool called […]