Free Webcast this Thursday: “Using @RISK in Evaluating Full (late stage) Compound Development in the Pharmaceutical Industry”

Register now for a free webcast to be presented by Venkat Raman, A.C.A. MBA, Managing Principal of VR Advisors LLC.

"Using @RISK in Evaluating Full (late stage) Compound Development in the Pharmaceutical Industry" will discuss the financial evaluation of late stage development of compound in the pharmaceutical industry, but the rational, methodology and analysis discussed here has universal applicability to any multi-stage product development activities across industries. We will not discuss the real options analysis here, as this is not the intended objective of this presentation. But the webcast will:

  • Present the case – a miniature model of a full-blown real world case
  • Discuss the two financial models – the deterministic and the probabilistic models
  • Frame the case
  • Model the case
  • Discuss insights and results

JOIN US THIS THURSDAY – January 30, 2014 – 11:00am ESTRegister Now
"Using @RISK in Evaluating Full (late stage)
Compound Development in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Venkat Raman is a management consultant with over 25 years of extensive global experience in strategy and corporate finance across large and small enterprises. He began his career with the Big 6 and over the years has held leadership positions in the management consulting, insurance, technology services, and entrepreneurial ventures. Venkat brings his collective experience, wisdom, and judgment to every engagement. Venkat is an MBA from Indiana University, a qualified CPA, and a Chartered Accountant. Extended bio here.

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