Palisade Celebrates 30th Anniversary in 2014

      Leader in Risk & Decision Analysis Software for 30 Years In 2014, Palisade Corporation celebrates 30 years as the leading developer of risk and decision analysis software. Since 1984, Palisade has been committed to developing the world’s most robust, innovative, and comprehensive software and solutions for risk analysis and decision support. Today, […]

Custom Solutions within the Insurance Sector: Catastrophe and Large Loss Simulation Model

Insurance companies are now encouraged by regulation to perform assessment of their own risk exposure. Monte Carlo simulation, and particularly @RISK are extremely useful in performing assessments that can be used not only to satisfy regulators, but also to improve financial risk management within the company. Waszink Actuarial Advisory in collaboration with Palisade's Custom Development […]

Custom Solutions: Using @RISK for Oil Field Development Decisions

Oil companies need to assess new fields or prospects where very little hard data exists. Based on seismic data, analysts can estimate the probability distribution of the reserve size. With little actual data available, companies still must quantify and optimize the Net Present Value (NPV) of this asset. The number of wells to drill, the […]

Start the New Year Right with Palisade Risk & Decision Analysis Software Training

Kick off the New Year with some fresh ideas presented to you by the Palisade Training Team. Our hands-on software training courses will take place in cities all around the globe. Join us for a training near you, to learn how to incorporate @RISK and the DecisionTools Suite into your models and help you make […]

Risk Professionals Gather in Vegas for Palisade’s 2013 Risk Conference

The 2-day Palisade Risk Conference in Las Vegas brought together around 170 decision-makers from a wide range of industries at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino. In the ever-popular Software Presentations track, Palisade developers and trainers covered features of the DecisionTools Suite and @RISK. At the same time, 3 additional tracks featured experts from CH2M […]

Radio App gets Risk Analysis Solutions from Palisade

How will a new technology or venture fare in an unestablished  or unclear market? Palisade’s @RISK software can help answer that question, and did so for the new mobile app called Omny by 121Cast, which allows users to manage their online listening of internet radio and other audio services for total customization. The app, a […]

Minimising Financial Risk in Infrastructure PPP Projects

Recent practice in Private Public Partnership (PPP) transport projects has seen the participating governments and public agencies gradually moving from demand-based contracts to availability-based ones. These latter agreements see the public partner bear the financial implications of actual demand being either over or under that forecast, while risks associated with construction and service availability are […]