Palisade’s Risk Analysis Solutions at Work in China

Palisade is establishing a robust presence in China. Recently, Palisade published two new case studies from the country; one details how the Shanghai Food and Drug Administration uses @RISK software for risk and decision analysis in food safety  and risk assessment. Specifically,  @RISK has helped the Shanghai FDA carry out exposure assessments of chemical and biological contaminates, as well as analyzing surveys of data on residents’ expenditure on various foods. In one case, @RISK helped asses nitrite contamination risk for cooked meats, in another, it aided in evaluating the likelihood of vomitoxin contamination of wheat products. With these and many other successes, the Shanghai FDA has been able to implement effective risk management recommendations.

The other Chinese case study details how @RISK and the DecisionTools Suite have been used in Professor Li Mian's research and his graduate-level engineering course at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Prof. Li 's research includes complex engineering system design and optimization, decision-making and optimization theory.

Both of these reports also appear in Chinese on the Palisade website:

Read the case studies in English here and here.

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