NASA & Deloitte develop Monte Carlo Simulation tools for space projects, and apply them to Oil & Gas

What do NASA, Deloitte and the oil and gas industry have in common? As of this year, a great deal. In June, the NASA Johnson Space Center and the Deloitte Center for Energy Solutions announced a strategic alliance to offer a wide array of risk management services for the oil and gas sector. Under the […]

“Decision Trees and the Value of Flexibility II” in Oil & Gas Monitor: Taking another look at “Bad” projects

Rafael Hartke continues his series with "Decision Trees and the Value of Flexibility II" in Oil & Gas Monitor. Hartke writes, "It’s a no-brainer that a good project with many chances to achieve success is better than one with only one chance. "But what about a bad project? Intuition immediately tells us that repeating a […]

Indian Media covers Palisade Case Study

Palisade was proud to recently be involved in a successful case study by L&T Institute of Project Management in India, which we covered in this blog previously.  With the help of Palisade's @RISK software, the Institute was able to help engineering outsourcing firms pinpoint risks that might hamper project success. Other media outlets took notice.  APN […]

See how a customized Retirement Saving template assesses the performance of a portfolio in future years

Here is an example of a custom application written by Palisade Custom Development using @RISK's XDK in Excel. In this example, @RISK is used to analyze the investment of funds for retirement planning.  The application prompts the user for profile characteristics of the client and portfolio parameters.  Once the information is entered, the application runs […]