Risk Analysis Solutions at LEGO Pave the Way for Inventive New LEGO Toys

LEGO Group has always been a trendsetter in the toy industry, perhaps due to its ability to both take on, and manage, risk.  Earlier this year, we covered how LEGO Group uses Palisade's @RISK to help it manage much of the risk it faces. The software helped the company consolidate its risk portfolio via Monte Carlo Simulations–evaluating the possibility of threats such as competitor infringements, currency risk and vendor breakdowns.

By looking at the chances of worst-case scenarios and comparing them to the risk tolerance that the company has set itself, the company could determine if it was able to take more aggressive policies.

Thus far, LEGO Group has been doing some exciting new approaches to product development; including the LEGO Cuusoo project, which is essentially a LEGO-only Kickstarter website. Users submit ideas for new types of LEGO sets and gather supporters for the project. All projects with 10,000 supporters or more are reviewed quarterly by LEGO.  The authors of the ideas selected by the company to become a new LEGO product receive a 1% royalty of  the total net sales of the product. Successful Cuusoo products include LEGO Minecraft, a LEGO Mars Rover, and, the latest, a LEGO Back to the Future set.

With Palisade's @RISK as a key tool in the LEGO Group's Enterprise Risk Management framework, the company was able to make informed strategic decisions and grow LEGO Group's profits at an impressive rate.

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