Finding the Weakest Link: Joseph Yacura Discusses Supply Chain Risk Management

Businesses around the world rely on supply chains to create, manage and distribute goods and services. Most of these supply chains reach beyond local borders and operate in a globalized environment which prioritizes cost-competitive production. To achieve these cost targets, companies have taken out all unnecessary capacity and inventory within the whole supply chain to […]

Risk Analysis Solutions at LEGO Pave the Way for Inventive New LEGO Toys

LEGO Group has always been a trendsetter in the toy industry, perhaps due to its ability to both take on, and manage, risk.  Earlier this year, we covered how LEGO Group uses Palisade's @RISK to help it manage much of the risk it faces. The software helped the company consolidate its risk portfolio via Monte […]

As Hydropower Moves to Small Dams, Big Dams use Risk Analysis Solutions to Meet Energy Conservation Goals

When alternative energy sources are discussed, hydroelectricity typically isn’t mentioned before solar, wind, or biofuel. Hydroelectricity, which generates power through dams and river currents, is a power source more associated with the first half of the 20th century. That said, there are still areas that rely heavily on hydroelectricity, such as British Columbia, Canada. BC […]

Project Risk Management Strategies Help Indian Engineering Outsourcing Firms

India has become a key provider of outsourced engineering serices for companies around the world. Larsen & Toubro Limited (L&T) is a major engineering and manufacturing company in the Indian private sector. The L&T Institute of Project Management conducts education and research in project management, and used @RISK  to help engineering outsourcing firms to pinpoint […]

Free Webcast this Thursday: “Modeling Multi-Staged Investments with @RISK” with Eric Torkia

Register now for a free webinar to be presented by Eric Torkia. Don't miss this opportunity for inside tips from a successful consultant who uses Palisade risk and decision analysis software solutions to address current problems in financial risk analysis. "Modeling Multi-Staged Investments with @RISK" Free webcast this Thursday, 25 July 2013 11am EDT When […]

Unsafe Seafood? Monte Carlo Analysis Finds Increased Cancer Risk Due to Arsenic-heavy Seafood

While finding risk analysis solutions is important for companies and businesses, it is paramount when it comes environmental and human health. Simulations that help evaluate risk are crucial in helping scientists understand, and try to mitigate some of the threats living organisms face. Take, for example, a new study to be published in August 2013 […]

Research at Curtain University of Technology Explores Tools for Teaching Probability and Risk

Textbooks that touch upon technology-related subject matter face the challenge of topics becoming outdated by the time the books go to press. Darren O’Connell found this type of content stagnation to be readily evident in how risk analysis is taught in institutes of higher learning. In fact, he found risk analysis lessons were not only […]

How to Create a Custom Application for Stock Portfolio Optimization, Right in Your Spreadsheet

This is an example of the use of @RISK automation applied to stock portfolio optimization. It is a custom application written by Palisade Custom Development using @RISK’s XDK in Excel.  The steps outlined in the Stock Portfolio Optimization example movie: Obtain Price & Weight Data The user will first define a portolfio of stocks.    […]

Troubled Waters: Report Calls for New Risk Analysis Services when Estimating Flood Insurance

As our weather patterns change and become more severe, it can’t be denied–climate change is upon us, and with it are some serious changes to life as we know it.  Take, for example, a recent report  commissioned by FEMA and  written by the National Research Council which outlines the true risks and costs of flooding […]

Turbines Get a Second Wind: Scenario Analysis Proves New Design Reduces Carbon Emissions

Renewable technologies are on the rise as the world shifts to a low carbon economy and attempts to reduce dependence on fossil fuels. For the United Kingdom, wind power may become a cornerstone of their energy mix, with the UK possessing the largest offshore wind capability in Europe, overtaking Denmark in 2009 to become the […]