New DecisionTools Suite 6.1 and @RISK 6.1: Compatible with Office 2013

New Version 6.1 - Now Compatible with Office 2013; works with 32- and 64-bit Excel, Project, and Windows 8

New DecisionTools Suite and @RISK v6.1:
Excel 2013 and Windows 8 Compatibility

Palisade is pleased to announce the release of new @RISK and DecisionTools Suite 6.1, offering support for Excel 2013, Project 2013, and Windows 8, including 32-bit and 64-bit versions. This new release is also compatible with previous versions of Excel, Project, and Windows, providing maximum flexibility regardless of your platform.

Faster Project Simulations and More

In addition, @RISK 6.1 offers a new calculation engine for Microsoft Project schedules that simulates many times faster than before. DecisionTools Suite 6.1 also gives you the ability to change the language of your user interface, all from a single installer – perfect for global companies.

Upgrade Today

» More about the DecisionTools Suite
» What's New in the DecisionTools Suite 6.1
» Upgrade now from an earlier version


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