January 2013 Academic Enews: Illinois State’s MBA Corporate Finance uses @RISK for Advanced Techniques

Palisade January 2013 Academic Enews
In This Issue

» Illinois State's MBA Corporate Finance uses @RISK for Advanced Techniques

"Just like Excel itself, @RISK does its work without involving you in its computational complexities. So students who may have been scared of stats and data analysis before can feel perfectly at ease creating their simulationsand so, they want to do more."
     Dr. Domingo Castelo Joaquin, College of Business, Illinois State University

» Recent School Adoptions

» Licensing Options

» Teaching Tips & Examples
   Hedging with Futures

» Tech Tip

» Textbook of the Month
   Statistics for Business and Economics

» Featured White Paper
   A participatory approach for integrating risk assessment into rural decision-making

» Academic Live Webcasts
   • Portfolio Management using @RISK
   • @RISK for Engineers

» Worldwide Training Schedule

» About Palisade and the DecisionTools Suite

» Story to Share?


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