Free Webcast this Thursday: “Portfolio Management using @RISK” with Matt Rosenberg

Join us this Thursday, January 17, 2012, for a free live webcast entitled, "Portfolio Management using @RISK " to be presented by Matthew H. Rosenberg.

This free live webcast is intended to show the benefits of using Monte Carlo simulation in the processes of portfolio construction, and portfolio management for individuals, families and institutional investors. Topics will include a general overview of the portfolio management processes, as well as specific examples showing the use of @RISK for risk management within these processes.

Mr. Rosenberg is Managing Partner for RoseCap Investment Advisors, LLC, a private investment management and financial planning firm in Grand Junction, CO.  Among other things, his responsibilities include portfolio management, formulating investment strategy, and development of financial models for use by the firm. Throughout his career Mr. Rosenberg has developed financial models for numerous large and small companies across multiple asset classes/sectors, investment vehicles, and asset types.

Prior to founding RoseCap, Mr. Rosenberg was Managing Director with Jackson Oats Shaw Corporate Real Estate, a privately held real estate firm in Atlanta, GA. Mr. Rosenberg also previously served as Vice President/AE with General Electric ‘s Commercial Finance Division. He started his career in investment banking, underwriting and syndicating leveraged loans and high yield bonds for Wachovia Securities in Charlotte, NC.

Mr. Rosenberg received his Masters degree in Accounting and Bachelor of Business Administration from The University of Texas, at Austin, where he was also a member of the 2002 National Championship baseball team. He enjoys reading and competing in numerous sports, and also serves as a lecturer of finance, investments, and accounting for Colorado Mesa University, in Grand Junction, CO.

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