January 2013 Academic Enews: Illinois State’s MBA Corporate Finance uses @RISK for Advanced Techniques

Palisade January 2013 Academic Enews In This Issue » Illinois State's MBA Corporate Finance uses @RISK for Advanced Techniques "Just like Excel itself, @RISK does its work without involving you in its computational complexities. So students who may have been scared of stats and data analysis before can feel perfectly at ease creating their simulations—and […]

PricewaterhouseCoopers deals with uncertainty head on, using Corridor Budgeting

PricewaterhouseCoopers put together a beautiful video about the Corridor Budgeting program, developed by Tobias Flath and Michael Hofmann. Corridor Budgeting is a methodology combining planning, business management, and risk management in order to prepare for a range of possible outcomes, and thereby generate a more realistic picture of the future. Palisade's DecisionTools Suite is an […]

Incorporating Project Risk Management Strategies in your Enterprise

We all know the figure of speech, "A camel is a horse designed by committee." The blog How to Manage a Camel promotes better group thinking around project management, bringing together conflicting opinions. On January 7th, the Camel blog published "Nine Steps to Embracing Risk Analysis in the Enterprise" by Palisade's Randy Heffernan. This piece […]

2013 Risk Analysis Training Worldwide

Palisade's 2013 regional training schedule already includes over 80 locations around the world. Take the opportunity for hands-on training in Decision Making and Quantitative Risk Analysis when our expert trainers come to your town. » See the worldwide regional training schedule here. 2013 locations include: Mexico City Medellin Buenos Aires Melbourne Bangkok Tokyo Hong Kong […]

Free Webcast this Thursday: “Portfolio Management using @RISK” with Matt Rosenberg

Join us this Thursday, January 17, 2012, for a free live webcast entitled, "Portfolio Management using @RISK " to be presented by Matthew H. Rosenberg. This free live webcast is intended to show the benefits of using Monte Carlo simulation in the processes of portfolio construction, and portfolio management for individuals, families and institutional investors. […]

@RISK and DecisionTools Suite 6.1 Release Preview Now Available

Palisade is pleased to announce that version 6.1 of @RISK and the DecisionTools Suite is coming soon. This new version will feature an enhanced, faster engine for the simulation of Project schedules, as well as compatibility with Excel 2013, Windows 8, and 64-bit versions of Microsoft Project. It has also been translated into Spanish, Portuguese, […]

Free Webcast this Thursday: “Use of @RISK in Food Safety Risk Assessment” with Charles Yoe

Join us this Thursday, January 10, 2012, for a free live webcast entitled, "Use of @RISK in Food Safety Risk Assessment " to be presented by Charles Yoe. The Food Safety Modernization Act is the most sweeping reform of FDA’s food safety authority in more than 70 years. It strengthens and increases the role of […]

@RISK from Palisade plays key role in LEGO’s Enterprise Risk Management strategy

Operational risk management has been a key part of the LEGO Group’s strategy for many years. The approach is used to handle issues including supply disruptions, demand volatility, currencies, employee health and safety, and product quality and safety. Today, the sophistication of LEGO’s Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) framework is widely recognised. It is one of […]