New in DecisionTools Suite 6: Integration with Microsoft Project for project risk modeling

@RISK (risk analysis software using Monte Carlo simulation) is now a truly cross-platform tool, enabling risk modeling of your Microsoft Project schedules using the same @RISK you use for risk analysis modeling in Microsoft Excel!  You can now do your project risk modeling in Excel rather than Microsoft Project, providing a new world of flexibility. A new interface layer reproduces your schedule in Excel, enabling you to use all Excel formulas and @RISK functions. When you make changes to your model in either Project or Excel, those changes are reflected in the other with @RISK’s Sync feature. (Note that all @RISK modeling takes place in Excel, so @RISK functions do not appear in Microsoft Project.) Then simulate your Project schedules in Project itself, using Project's scheduling and calculation engine.

The benefits of using Excel for your Project risk modeling are many.  You can easily build risk registers in Excel for your Project model using new “RiskProject” functions.  You can integrate your cost and schedule analyses. You can standardize on a single tool – @RISK – to meet the needs of your project managers, cost estimators, finance analysts – everyone who deals with risk and decision making under uncertainty in your company. Plus, a single interface means a shorter learning curve for everybody.

@RISK is part of The DecisionTools Suite — an integrated set of programs for risk analysis and decision making under uncertainty that runs in Microsoft Excel.

» Watch a demonstration of project risk modeling with @RISK
» See What's New in the DecisionTools Suite 6


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