New version! @RISK 6.0 and The DecisionTools Suite 6.0

New DecisionTools Suite version 6.0 includes a wide range of improvements, including powerful new integration of @RISK with Microsoft Project that allows you to perform risk analysis and Monte Carlo simulation on your Microsoft Project schedules – all from the @RISK for Excel platform! @RISK also adds simulation of time series models, easier-to-understand tornado charts to identify risk drivers, better graphing options, improved distribution fitting, and new distribution functions.

But there’s more to DecisionTools Suite 6.0 than just @RISK. PrecisionTree 6.0 adds powerful Bayesian revision and the ability to insert nodes anywhere in a tree. RISKOptimizer and Evolver 6.0 now include the OptQuest solving engine for even faster solutions on many types of models. RISKOptimizer, which has always shared functions with @RISK, is now even more tightly integrated with @RISK for seamless modeling. And StatTools and NeuralTools have added improvements to scatter plots and sensitivity analysis to the testing of neural nets.

» See What’s New in DecisionTools Suite 6.0

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