“Knowledge Is Power: Embracing Risk Analysis,” in E-Commerce Times

The July 14th issue of E-Commerce Times features an article by Palisade's Randy Heffernan about the importance of understanding risk factors in the technology sector, and planning strategies accordingly. "Tech mainstays and startups alike now require a clearer forecast of a project's probability of success or failure," writes Heffernan. "Clearly, the margin or error has […]

Offshore windfarms – a financially feasible source of energy? Risk simulation software provides answers.

The ongoing debate about the feasibility of offshore windfarms as a renewable energy source continues to generate discussion and headlines. A key issue for potential operators is that offshore windfarms face more adverse weather conditions, such as higher wind speeds and the increased risk of being struck by lightning, than their onshore counterparts. In addition, […]

New version! @RISK 6.0 and The DecisionTools Suite 6.0

New DecisionTools Suite version 6.0 includes a wide range of improvements, including powerful new integration of @RISK with Microsoft Project that allows you to perform risk analysis and Monte Carlo simulation on your Microsoft Project schedules – all from the @RISK for Excel platform! @RISK also adds simulation of time series models, easier-to-understand tornado charts […]