Video: New Product Projection using NPV, in @RISK

In evaluating a business decision, oftentimes Net Present Value is used to make a determination of whether a opportunity is worth pursuing. In this short video, Thompson Terry looks at a new product projection analysis, where a new specialty product is being brought to market. The product has a high selling price, but a small […]

Supply Chain Security and Risk Management in SupplyChainBrain magazine

The expansion of global supply chains has meant an increase in the risk of disruption to those networks. Larger supply chains mean more vulnerabilities. There are risks of disruption from catastrophic events, variabilities in transportation and communication infrustructures, and risks in lean manufacturing. How do organizations account for these risks? Many organizations turn to sophisticated […]

Video: Oil Drilling Risk Analysis Model in PrecisionTree

In this brief video, Dr. Chris Albright demonstrates how to build and interpret a decision tree for a classical oil drilling problem. New features in PrecisionTree 6.0 are introduced, including Appending a Symmetric Subtree, Bayesian Revision, and Adding a Node anywhere in an existing tree. These new features make it easier than ever to perform […]

Video: Financial Portfolio Models in @RISK

In this video called "Financial Portfolio Models," Dr. Chris Albright demonstrates how @RISK can be used to examine a financial portfolio of stocks. The first model that is demonstrated is determinisitic, with no uncertainty about future stock prices. Later models incorporate uncertainty, and introduce the possibility of hedging the portfolio risk by adding put options […]