“Measuring and Mitigating Risk” in Baseline magazine

The June Baseline magazine features an article by Stephen Johnson, chief financial officer of Arc of Yates, explaining how the nonprofit uses @RISK and Monte Carlo simulation to account for potential shortfalls in annual budget planning. Founded in 1975, Arc of Yates is a nonprofit organization for people with developmental disabilities. Arc of Yates provides […]

“Assessing the Risk of Cleantech Projects” on Altenergymag.com, featuring FutureMetrics case study

Alternative Energy eMagazine interviewed Randy Heffernan, Vice President of Palisade, for the June/July 2012 issue. Questions addressed in the interview include: What is risk analysis? How does it work? How can companies in the energy industry use risk analysis? Is there a minimum project budget that you would consider to begin to benefit from risk […]

Scottsdale Insurance Company: How Risk Analysis is Utilized in Commercial Property Insurance

Risk is a given in any industry, and Palisade’s mission is to empower organizations to see the impact and probability of risk with any decision. Perhaps the most concrete example crunching the numbers of probability can be found in the insurance industry. Identifying accurate risk factors—and making decisions accordingly—is the bread and butter of insurance […]