Free Webcast this Thursday: “Multi-Dimensional Project Portfolio Optimization and @RISK”

Join us this Thursday, April 26, 2012, for a free live webcast entitled, "Multi-Dimensional Project Portfolio Optimization and @RISK" to be presented by Eric Torkia.

Many speak of organizational alignment, but how many tell you how to do it? Others present only the financial aspects of portfolio optimization but abstract from how this enables the organization to meets its business objectives.  We are going to present a practical method that enables organizations to quickly build and optimize a portfolio of initiatives based on multiple quantitative and qualitative dimensions: Revenue Potential, Value of Information, Financial & Operational Viability and Strategic Fit.
This free live webcast is going to present these approaches and how they can be combined to improve both tactical and strategic decision making. We will also cover how this approach can dramatically improve organizational focus and overall business performance.

We will discuss these topics as well as present practical models and applications using @RISK.

Discussion Topics

  •     Optimization Basics

    • Typical Optimization Applications
    • What is non-linear stochastic optimization
    • Objectives and constraints – things to know about optimization
  •     Quick Overview of Portfolio Theory

    • Overview of conventional portfolio methods (financial, strategic, IT…).
    • Markowitz and the efficient frontier
    • Viability/Fit method
  •     Optimizing with value of information and other critical dimensions

    • What is value of information (VOI)
    • How can VOI and portfolio methods be used to improve decision-making
    • How does the VOI impact portfolio decisions
  •     Building and running the model

    • Overview of the components of the portfolio model
    • Run a quick optimizations using different dimensions and discuss results
    • Questions and Answer Period

Eric Torkia MASc is a senior management consultant/trainer and business analyst.  He has collaborated with some of the world's most recognized organizations to ensure the optimal design and delivery of enterprise systems, analytics as well as new forecasting and decision making processes.

Eric combines a unique set of skills and competencies revolving around performance, risk and change management to bring about durable business performance improvements.

  • Financial and project based valuations
  • Project Risk Analysis on 1+ billion dollar projects
  • Performance Management business analysis and consulting
  • Spreadsheet Modeling and VBA automation for simulation, forecasting and optimization
  • Change Management consulting and training and instructional design relating to the adoption and implementation of enterprise analytics

Eric’s academic background includes a Master’s degree in information systems management from the University of Québec in Montreal as well as a BBA in international marketing and management from Northwood University Florida.

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