Energy and Environmental Management magazine features Sark7 and its use of DecisionTools Suite

Energy & Environmental ManagementIn a blog post last October, ‘Mixing business with biofuels’, we looked at how Sark7 uses Palisade’s DecisionTools Suite to build the business case for biofuel projects, with the overall aim of making these more attractive to potential investors.

Energy and Environmental Management magazine picked up on the topic, with the result that Scott Mongeau of Sark7 features on the site discussing the issue.

The premise of Scott’s article (and the Sark7 case study featured on our website) is that in order to attract funding, sustainable energy projects need to take a holistic approach that address a fundamental principle of finance.  So, rather than looking at potential profit in isolation, they must balance the highest profit that can be gained for the lowest aggregate risk exposure across integrated implementation, technical, economic and financial aspects.

Achieving this requires intensive computer-based modelling and simulation to enable in-depth decision-making insight, and Scott discusses how the various elements of the DecisionTools Suite are ideal tools with which to do that.  The full piece is available to read here:

Scott Mongeau is following up this work with a presentation at this year’s European User Conference.  Here he will talk about using the DecisionTools Suite to conduct in-depth analysis that separates the hype from the tangible economic value-driven factors needed to ‘green light’ Smart City initiatives.

Craig Ferri
EMEA Managing Director of Risk & Decision Analysis

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