Truly Understanding Hypothesis Testing Concepts: Making a Complex Topic Simple

I attended e-learning micro-event event last week! It’s a great concept being used by Smarter Solutions. The concept is to provide short one hour training classes (“micro-events”) via the web for a very low cost. The micro event I attended was titled, Truly Understanding Hypothesis Testing Concepts: Making a Complex Topic Simple.  It truly lived up to its name; ~67% of the participants went away with a better understanding of Hypothesis testing after the hour.

The micro training event was led by Rick Haynes of Smarter Solutions. Rick is an excellent Lean Six Sigma Instructor, Statistical Consultant, Coach and mentor to process improvement practitioners. Rick did an excellent job using the tools at his disposal (even Monte Carlo Simulation using the @RISK software) to make this truly complex topic “simple”.

Weighted Matrix In case you don’t know, Hypothesis testing is a concept that is taught in Lean Six Sigma and statistics courses. During the event, he walked through the concepts of alpha and beta risk along with power and confidence choices using a completely different method than you would have been taught in a class. Through the use of diagrams and simulations, he made the hypothesis concepts real and understandable. Mr. Haynes, used @RISK was to test the Hypothesis test theory (a t-test), showing how the risk of each hypothesis test decision changed as the initial conditions of the test were changed where most classes just provide graphics and equations.  It was a powerful method to teach statistics.

If you are interested in viewing the recording of the micro training event it can be done so for a micro-charge of less the $25! If you do, please let me know your thoughts.

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I am a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt at Palisade Corporation.

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