Free Webcast this Friday: “Modeling Oil & Gas Risk Problems using The DecisionTools Suite”

Join us this Wednesday, October 19, 2011, for a free live webcast entitled "Modeling Oil & Gas Risk Problems using The DecisionTools Suite" to be presented by Rishi Prabhakar. In today’s industry getting oil and gas safely and efficiently to the surface is a significant challenge. Oil & Gas problems and decisions are beset by […]

Mixing Business with Biofuels

While it is accepted wisdom that the world needs to increase its focus on sustainable energy, there is still much dispute about whether initiatives of this kind are financially viable. Sark7 is a specialist consultancy that aims to bridge the gap between populist enthusiasm surrounding ‘green’ initiatives and the intensive financial risk analysis demanded by […]

Analyzing working capital and capital budgeting at Rotman School of Management

Understanding how to use Monte Carlo simulation to account for risk in decision-making is quickly becoming a required skill for today’s business leaders, says Asher Drory, Adjunct Professor of Finance at University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management. “Many leading corporations are now using Monte Carlo simulation in their business cases,” Professor Drory says. “Students […]

Mining engineering students simulate stochastic processes

For their capstone design projects, undergraduate mining engineering students at Missouri University of Science and Technology develop “real-world” solutions. So, Dr. Samuel Frimpong provides his students with real-world tools, including Palisade’s @RISK software. Similarly, he uses @RISK to help graduate students undertake research projects in geology and geological engineering, mining and petroleum engineering. Dr. Frimpong […]

Free Webcast this Thursday: “Modeling Behavior Using @RISK and PrecisionTree: Why probability estimates aren’t always what they seem”

Join us this Thursday, October 6, 2011, for a free live webcast entitled, "Modeling Behavior Using @RISK and PrecisionTree: Why probability estimates aren’t always what they seem," to be presented by Christopher Brand. Over the past three decades, behavioral economists and psychologists have gathered a significant amount of evidence suggesting that most people find it […]

@RISK used to evaluate capital budgeting, investments, random walks, derivatives pricing and real options at Cornell’s Dyson School of Management

Calum Turvey, W.I. Myers Professor of Agricultural Finance, uses @RISK in his Risk Simulation and Optimization course. Offered by the Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management at Cornell University, Risk Simulation and Optimization is in its second year and has now become a regular course offering, with roughly 45 students per semester. […]