@RISK Tip: Reporting in Excel

@RISK Tip: Reporting in ExcelThe @RISK — Excel Reports command selects reports to be generated on the active simulation results, or the current model definition.

A variety of different pre-built simulation reports are available directly in Excel at the end of a simulation. The Quick Report is a report on simulation results designed for printing. This report contains a single page report for each output in a simulation. The other available reports, starting with Input Results Summary, contain the same information as the equivalent report in the Results Summary Window or other Report windows.

You can also use template sheets to create your own custom simulation report. Simulation statistics and graphs are placed in a template using @RISK statistics functions (such as RiskMean) or the graphing function RiskResultsGraph When a statistics function or graphing function is located in a template sheet, the desired statistics and graphs are then generated at the end of a simulation in a copy of the template sheet when you choose the Template Sheets option in the Excel Reports dialog. The original template sheet with the @RISK functions remains intact for use in generating reports from your next simulation.

» Read more about generating @RISK reports in Excel
» View a short video demonstrating reports in Excel  
» Download the example file Template.xls to see how to set up your own report

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