INCAE students analyze financial institutions and capital markets with @RISK

INCAE students analyze financial institutions and capital markets with @RISKWhat do banks, bond-rating agencies and homeowners in places like Las Vegas have in common? They all grossly misjudged risk and, as a result, made bad decisions during the recent housing bubble.

That’s why Dr. Arnoldo Camacho, a professor at the highly regarded INCAE Business School in Alajuela, Costa Rica, incorporates Palisade’s @RISK software in his MBA courses – Finance I, and Financial Institutions and Capital Markets.

“The Finance course focuses on the creation of value through efficient decision making, which involves risk analysis,” says Dr. Camacho, who has taught at INCAE for 22 years. “In the Financial Institutions and Capital Markets courses, an in depth analysis of credit risk requires the estimation of the probability of default of issuers of debt.

“In both courses, @RISK is used for simulation and sensitivity analysis.”

Camacho was introduced to @RISK through INCAE, where his courses attract typically attract 60 to 65 students.

When asked why it is important to expose his students to @RISK, Camacho says, “It is easy to handle, and it allows students to move from uncertainty to risk analysis, which requires critical thinking.”

» More about Dr. Arnoldo Camacho
» More about @RISK

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