Free Webcast this Friday: “Modeling Time Series Forecasts with @RISK”

Join us this Friday, September 9, 2011, for a free live webcast entitled "Modeling Time Series Forecasts with @RISK," to be presented by Eric Torkia. 

Making decisions for the future is becoming harder and harder because of the ever increasing sources and rate of uncertainty that can impact the final outcome of a project or investment. Several tools have proven instrumental in assisting managers and decision makers tackle this: Time Series Forecasting, Judgmental Forecasting and Simulation.

This free live webcast is going to present these approaches and how they can be combined to improve both tactical and strategic decision making. We will also cover the role of analytics in the organization and how it has evolved over time to give participants strategies to mobilize analytics talent within the firm.

We will discuss these topics as well as present practical risk analysis models and applications using @RISK.

Eric Torkia has practical experience as a consultant and as a coach with organizations implementing technological and strategic change, including Analytics and Enterprise Systems.

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