Free Webcast this Thursday: “Project Management Risk Modeling Methods using The DecisionTools Suite”

Join us this Thursday, September 8, 2011, for a free live webcast entitled, "Project Management Risk Modeling Methods using The DecisionTools Suite," to be presented by Rishi Prabhakar. In the field of Project Management, risk exists in scheduling, costing, contracted risk allocation, maintaining, and delivering. Options and uncertainty play a significant role in the success […]

Facing the competition: how risk analysis can help newly-deregulated markets to operate effectively

A key issue facing organisations operating in newly-deregulated markets is that they must become competitive if they are to ensure their longterm survival. In Eastern Europe, the unbundling of Romania’s power monopoly resulted in the generation of a ‘market’ for electricity for the first time, and with that the introduction of competition. This saw power […]