@RISK Tip: Saving Simulations

@RISK Tip: Saving Simulations@RISK risk analyis software gives you multiple options for saving Monte Carlo simulations you have run and comparing them with other simulations.

These include:

  • Storing simulations in your Excel workbook
  • Saving simulations as a separate .RSK5 file outside the workbook
  • Using the @RISK Library for storing and comparing different simulations.

When you want to store simulation results and graphs, @RISK allows you to keep all data in your Excel workbook. This makes it easy for you to give simulations to others, without worrying about sharing a separate simulation file. However, if you want to store the simulation results in a separate .RSK5 file in order to reduce the file size of the Excel workbook, you have that option, too.

@RISK Tip: Saving Simulations

When a simulation is saved in your workbook, all data and graphs are stored and will be automatically opened the next time you open the workbook in Excel with @RISK running.

You can also use the Application Settings command in the @RISK Utilities menu to specify the default location where you wish to store your @RISK data. These options make it easy to manage your risk analysis models.

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