@RISK Featured in Reinsurance Application in the Journal Insurance Markets and Companies

Insurance Markets and Companies: Analyses and Actuarial ComputationsA recent issue of the journal Insurance Markets and Companies: Analyses and Actuarial Computations featured the paper “Using Simulation to Support the Reinsurance Decision of a Medical Stop-Loss Provider.” The article, by Lina S. Chan of CP Risk Solutions and Dr. Domingo Joaquin of Illinois State University, uses @RISK to illustrate how Monte Carlo simulation risk modeling can help to guide the reinsurance strategy for medical insurers by evaluating different alternatives.

@RISK risk modeling software is widely used in insurance and reinsurance for premium pricing and loss reserves modeling. A 2006 survey identified @RISK as the third most widely-used software by actuaries, after Microsoft Office and in-house actuarial tools.

@RISK is used in insurance models that must account for frequency and severity of claims, for stress testing claims, for calculating event and operational risks, for modeling claims payouts, and many other types of risk assessments.

» Read the full paper
» @RISK in Insurance and Reinsurance example models

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