Better property investment decisions with risk analysis software

Property is a seemingly endless topic of conversation, media articles and television programmes in the UK, with a recurring theme being how to make money from investing in it. Risk application developer, RisqWorx, found an innovative way to help commercial property developers more accurately determine return on investment. Using Palisade’s @RISK (which is compatible with […]

Free Webcast Thursday, June 23rd, “Forestalling Foreclosure: Using @RISK to Analyze Debt Capacity”

This Thursday from 1:00pm to 2:00pm ET, Steven Slezak of California Polytechnic State University and will present a webcast entitled "Forestalling Foreclosure: Using @RISK to Analyze Debt Capacity." Webcasts are complimentary, and all are invited. Questions will be addressed at the end of the session. Professor Slezak will illustrate how even a simple @RISK simulation can provide […]

Smoothing the Rough Places in Supply Chain Management

Recently Software Advice posted a guest blog on supply chain planning by Chad Smith and Carol Ptak  of the Demand Driven Institute.  Their agenda is to improve the efficiency and agility of supply chains by changing the way manufacturers conceive of Material Requirements Planning.  They believe that conventional ERP software is too generic to account […]