2011 Risk Conferences Series: Amsterdam, Mexico City, Rio de Jaineiro, Sydney, and Las Vegas

“Another great conference – well done! It’s always a stimulating and thought-provoking
experience, and great hospitality.” – Michael Brand, Captum Capital

Over 100 delegates attended the 2011 Palisade Risk Conference at the historic West Indische Huise in Amsterdam in March. Over the course of the two day conference, industry experts presented a selection of real-world case studies about innovative and interesting approaches to risk and decision analysis. This event included the ever-popular workshops and training given by Palisade consultants, as well as a sneak peek at what is in the pipeline of new software from Palisade.

We invite you to join us next week in Mexico City, June 1 -2. Delegates from Consultoría en Decisiones®, PEMEX, IMP and experts from other companies and universities will present case studies and discuss Monte Carlo techniques and risk in all its forms.

Palisade Risk Conferences showcase the latest methodologies for risk analysis and decision making under uncertainty. It is an opportunity to learn applications such as product pricing, production forecasting, cost estimation, risk quantification, portfolio risk management, environmental liability estimation, project management, and much more, while utilizing the user-friendly risk simulation software of @RISK and the DecisionTools Suite. These events are attended by professionals from industries as diverse as oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, insurance, healthcare, engineering, and banking.

Be sure to join us for a stimulating and thought provoking experience at one of our remaining 2011 Risk Conferences in Rio de Janeiro, Sydney or Las Vegas!

» 2011 Rio de Janeiro Conference
» 2011 Sydney Conference
» 2011 Las Vegas Conference

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