Model railways: Palisade talks risk analysis to

Slovak Rail CompanyEarlier in 2011, this blog looked at the role risk analysis could play in the complex decision-making process surrounding investment in rail travel.  This was prompted by ongoing discussions about the UK’s proposed high-speed rail link and fuelled by the Slovak Rail Company’s use of @RISK in its own funding strategy.

This and the full case study on the SRC piqued the interest of online publication, who interviewed our European managing director, Craig Ferri to find out more.  In the resulting article, ‘Railway Software for Hard Decisions’, Craig provides information on how modelling software works as well the projects it has been used on by rail companies across Europe.

Craig also talks about how risk analysis services could help rail companies prepare contingency plans that would combat the major disruption faced by UK commuters as a result of bad weather in recent winters.

» Read the full piece here

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