Playing the Game with the CSOs

There’s a new game out there for all of you in the game of risk management. "Take Charge: A Risk Simulation Game," developed by the Indian risk management services provider Aujas, debuted at a recent summit for CSOs––chief security officers, as opposed to chief strategic officers––in Bangalore.
"Take Charge" is a team sport that is played within hypothetical business environments and marketplaces, and as the teams interact, their prowess as decision makers is evaluated. The goal for each team is to balance risk analysis with business growth.  This requires not only standard fare such as financial risk analysis but project risk management strategies incorporating such issues as information security and global accessibility.  The team that best keeps its eyes on the prize, that best understands the goals of their imaginary business and creates the best frameworks for making decisions under high levels of uncertainty is the winner. 
The point of this high-intensity play is to reveal that calculated risk is essential to growth and profit and to highlight the role of the risk officer as a key player in corporate strategy.  But many of you, dear readers, are already very much aware of your importance in strategy making. You’re already out there on the real board playing the game of taking charge. 


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