Shape Shifters

A recent blog for Discover magazine reports on robotics research in which the robots evolve, at least in the sense that they progressively change shape.  The research by Josh Bongard, University of Vermont,  tracks the metamorphosis of robot with a simple shape–in this case, the shape of a snake––to a more complex machine-animal shape––for Bongard’s […]

Free Webcast This Thursday, February 17th – 11:00am – Noon ET: “Better Managing of Product Pricing”

This Thursday from 11:00am to Noon ET, Sean Ritchie will present a free live webcast. This free live webcast will explore the use of @RISK’s functionality for managing product prices. We will discuss the applications of simulation techniques to manage the impact of price changes at a macro (regional price changes) and micro level (individual […]

Facts Are Not for Quantitative Sissies

Media reports on the  global search for alternative and sustainable energy sources often dwell in the happy realms of possibility and leave me happily clinging to a cheerful bits of information they offer up––"if everyone over the age of 21 replaced on incandescent lightbulb with a fluorescent," and blah, blah––when was the last time you […]

Statistician Stays with Day Job, despite Cracking the Lottery

A pair of scratch-off lottery tickets found in a pile of papers on his desk started Mohan Srivastsava to musing. The lottery is purported to be random, but of course it is not — it is carefully controlled. For Srivastsava, a trained statistician with degrees from MIT and Stanford University, this "randomness" reminded him of […]